Class VJRenderViewInteractive

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public class VJRenderViewInteractive
extends VJRenderView

VJRenderViewInteractive implements a shell for interactively modifying the view (by rotating etc). It adds methods to change the current rotation and scaling, and can be controlled from another class. To start the first rendering, call start To change the view, call rotateInPlane Copyright (c) 2001-2003, Michael Abramoff. All rights reserved.

Field Summary
protected  ij.ImagePlus imp
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Constructor Summary
VJRenderViewInteractive(ij.ImagePlus imp, VJRenderer renderer, double scale, java.lang.String message)
          Instantiates a new interactive render viewer.
Method Summary
 void newView()
          Renders a view.
 void rotateInPlane(float anglex, float angley)
          Rotate the transformation matrix by viewing plane rotation angles rotx, roty.
 void run()
          Generates the first view and stays on.
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Field Detail


protected ij.ImagePlus imp
Constructor Detail


public VJRenderViewInteractive(ij.ImagePlus imp,
                               VJRenderer renderer,
                               double scale,
                               java.lang.String message)
Instantiates a new interactive render viewer. The renderer is set. The transformation matrix is created to the correct rotation and scaling, and saved in the renderer. A default viewport is created (just width and height and offsets parameter) The volume is centered at the center of the viewport.
renderer - a VJRenderer
scale - the amount by which to scale the volume
message - a useful message to identify the characteristics of this rendering.
Method Detail


public void rotateInPlane(float anglex,
                          float angley)
Rotate the transformation matrix by viewing plane rotation angles rotx, roty.
anglex - angle in degrees in x direction.
angley - angle in degrees in y direction.


public void newView()
Renders a view.


public void run()
Generates the first view and stays on.
run in class VJRenderView